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iCount 1000

Count Speed of up to 1000 Notes Per Minute, Heavy Duty Rollers,Batch Count and Add Functions, 24 Month Warranty

Only Note Counter with 24 month warranty!!!

iCount 800

Count Speed of up to 800 Notes p/m, Batch Count and Add Functions, Four Digit Count Display, 12 Month Warranty.

Note Counter - CT Coin Dolphin 570 Laurel 710A Coin Counter Blackbird 3300
600, 900, 1200 & 1500 notes p/minute, Hopper Capacity 200 Notes, Stacker Capacity: 200 Notes, Error Detection...
  Incorporating the most sophisticated Japanese technology and highest standards with over 50 Years experience this light, compact and silent.
  Counting speed: <2300 coins/minute, Continuous or presettable batch counting, International coin & token models available Backup memory features
iCount 0318 UV Light 6 Watt Desktop 12 Watt UV Bank Teller
Counts, Sorts and Batches coins automatically (5c, 10c, 20c 50c R1, R5),Up to 270 coins per minute  
Basic Desktop UV Light, Compact 6W UV Light...
  Top quality desktop units used by banks, government departments etc, Height: 215mm, Width: 235mm, Depth: 155mm...
6 Watt UV Counter Mount 6 Watt UV Counter Mount DP 976 Multi Currency Detector
Ideal to mount under a counter, Height: 40mm, Width: 290mm, Depth: 35mm   Ideal to mount under a counter, Height: 40mm, Width: 290mm, Depth: 35mm   Counterfeit Detectors DP 976 Multi Currency Detector, US Dollar / Euro / GBP and ZAR, High accuracy with complex inspection...
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